BushWacker Class Description

BushWacker: 2 Days and 1 Night

Class Overview

Do you enjoy camping, but looking to leave the campground and the crowds behind? Do you want to take a multiday hike, but unsure of camping along the trail? Or maybe you just want to see what it's like without having to go it alone. Come check out our BushWacker backpacking class!

Class Details

The BushWacker class is a two day and one night backpacking trip. We'll hike on an established trail, but head off-trail to camp. After we find a campsite, we'll cover camp setup, fire, water, navigation, and whatever else comes up. This will not be a survival class but more of an intro to backpacking. If you are worried about the hiking, don't! We won't be hiking far or fast. This adventure will be more about the camping then the hiking.

We'll even make the meals part of the experience too! Meals will be provided on the trip starting with lunch on Saturday and ending with lunch on Sunday. Each meal will show you a different way to eat while on the trail. If you have any special dietary requirements or you are concerned about trying new things or the unexpected, please feel free to pack some meals as a backup. Trail snacks are a must for any trip, so make sure you bring your favorite along!

I'll set up a time around two weeks prior to the class to go over gear and any questions you might have. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

At a minimum you will need;
● Backpack large enough to carry all your gear plus a few community items.
● Tent, Hammock, Tarp, or some kind of shelter
● Sleeping bag, wool blanket, or some type of cover. We will try to have a campfire overnight, but there are no guarantees.
● Water purifier, tablets, or some other way to purify water. We will be collecting stream water for daily use.
● Refillable water container. A stainless/titanium/aluminum one is recommended, in case you need to boil water.
● A bowl/plate and eating utensils
● Clothing appropriate for the season. Please dress in layers. We will be hiking, but also standing around camp. You will need to be able to remove/add layers depending on the activity.
● Extra socks. Even if you don't bring multiple changes of clothing. Going to bed with wet socks is not fun!
● Raingear
● Decent fixed blade knife
● Hiking boots/shoes that have been broken in. We won't be hiking great distances, but you don't want your trip cut short due to blisters!
● Pillow and sleeping pad aren't required, but I recommend at least a pad
● Toiletries and any personal items

If I don't feel you have adequate gear to safely spend the night in the woods, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

The class will take place somewhere in Clinton County, PA or nearby. Location details will be emailed to you before the class start date.

Take a minute to look over our liability waiver. You will need to sign one to attend any trainings or events.

To find out when we are offering the class, check out the schedule page.

If you're ready to sign up for a class, visit our online store to register.