Group Trainings

PA Wilderness Skills and Your Organization

Group/Club Presentations and Demonstrations

Does your club or organization have an interest in wilderness preparedness/survival skills? Do your members need survival training to ensure their safety in the woods? PA Wilderness Skills can help. We offer group trainings on a wide variety of skills. They range from instructor presentations on a specific subject, to demonstrations of skills and techniques, to hands on skills training. Do you have a specific skills training in mind? We can create a custom course based on your group's needs. We can also offer any of our individual classes privately for your group.

If you're looking for something for your youth organization, stop by our youth page here.

Some specific subjects we can bring to your group

ᶲ What to Carry and Why? (being prepared in the woods)
ᶲ Camping Do's and Don'ts and Campsite Selection
ᶲ Basic Navigation
ᶲ Knife/Ax/Saw Safety
ᶲ Shelter Making (both natural and manmade options)
ᶲ Primitive Trap Making
ᶲ Cordage Making and Knot Tying
ᶲ Campfire Kitchen

Specialized Courses and Trainings

Ridge Runner Group Training

The Ridge Runner one day survival class is a great way for trail runners, mountain bikers, or anyone venturing into the great outdoors to gain the skills they need for an unexpected night in the woods. I do realize, however, not everyone has a full day to dedicate to taking a training class. I also know how important being prepared can be! That's why we modified the Ridge Runner one day survival class, so it could be offered in a group setting. Your group will learn about the great skills we offer in the full, individualized Ridge Runner class, just in condensed form. The group class will move at a swifter pace, and student activities will be limited. Don't worry, though, there will always be time for questions and coverage of some specific skills in more detail. No matter what your group's outdoor activity is, knowing you have the knowledge and the skills to make it through an unexpected night in the woods is a great feeling!

Search and Rescue Survival

The SAR survival class is not about search and rescue techniques, but about keeping your team members safe while they are helping others. We'll cover woodland survival skills while also being cognizant of how much gear SAR members are already carrying. There's nothing worse than ending up needing to search for a fellow member of your team, too.

Hunters Group Training

The Hunters Group Training is a great way for hunters to gain the skills they need for an unexpected night in the woods. No one wants to be bogged down with a bunch of unnecessary gear when you have to drag your trophy out of the woods. That doesn't mean you can't still be prepared if you suddenly realize you're not getting out of the woods until sunrise. We'll discuss what to carry and how to make some items you might already be carrying pull double duty if you find yourself stuck in the woods. This is a great class for your whole hunting party to attend. We can come to your hunting camp for the training or have your group meet at our location.