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Current Class Schedule

bullet 5/19/18 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
RidgeRunner (Full)

bullet 8/11/18 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
RidgeRunner ($30)

Classes are held in Woolrich, PA.

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RidgeRunner, CoreFour, and BushWacker are the only classes currently being offered.

The Ridge Runner class is designed for trail runners, mountain bikers, hunters, or anyone that spends time in the woods! The skills we teach can be used by anyone in a wilderness survival situation. All gear is provided for successful completion of the class. Click the Ridge Runner button for more info.

The CoreFour class is now offered as three individual classes. Each class is four hours in length and will cover one or more of the basics of fire, shelter, food and water. Everything you need for the class will be provided, but feel free to bring your own fixed blade knife for use in the class. The class will focus on carrying the right gear with you whenever you head into the woods and how to use it. The goal is not to teach you to go into the woods with nothing and survive, but rather why you don't go into the woods with nothing if you want to survive! Click the CoreFour button for more details. Signup for all three classes, and get $15 off the cost!

The Bushwacker class is a three day and two night backpacking trip. We'll hike on an established trail, but head off-trail to camp. After we find a campsite, we'll cover fire, water, navigation, and whatever else comes up. This will not be a survival class but more of an intro to backpacking. We'll also meet two weeks prior to the class to go over gear and any questions you might have. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Click the BushWacker button for more details.

The Navigator class is still under development.

The Navigator class is a basic naviagtion class. It will cover map reading and compass use.

Take a minute to look over our liability waiver. You will need to sign one to attend any trainings or events.