Day Hiker Class Description

Day Hiker: One Day Survival Class

What's the class about?

Carrying the right gear with you when you head in the woods could mean the difference between having a great time and enjoying the outdoors and wishing you'd just stayed at home! Or even worse, the difference between life and death!

Carrying the right gear though doesn't guarantee your survival. You also have to know how to use it! In this class we not only cover all the right gear to carry with you whenever you are planning on heading to the woods to spend the day, but how to use it!

This class we will also cover some basic survival skills in case you end up spending the night in the woods, whether you got lost, injured or just ran out of daylight.

Everything you need for the class will be provided, but feel free to bring your day hiking gear along. We'll have time at the end of class and over breaks to go over it with you.

Gear Discussion Fire

Class Details

We'll start class with a discussion of some of the gear that is out there and the pros and cons of carrying it. During this part of the class we'll also give you our recommendations on what you should carry in your pack.

After the gear discussion, we'll go over the bare essentials you should always carry with you and demonstrate how to use them. Some things you should never leave home without!

After the gear discussion and demo, we'll move on with the skills part of the class. Carrying the right equipment with you doesn't do any good if you don't know how to use it! We'll cover some basic skills like fire and shelter making, water procurement in the field, basic knots, knife/ax safety, to name a few.

Find out when the next class is scheduled and come join us! Never leave home unprepared again!