Intro to BackPacking Class Description

Intro to Backpacking: One Day Class

What's the class about?

Thinking about doing some backpack camping? Looking to leave the campground behind when you get away from it all? Maybe you’re unsure about “roughing it”? Check out our Intro to Backpacking class.

In this one-day class, we’ll cover backpacking, camping, tent setup, and other gear usage. Along with some basic “survival” skills like fire making and staying safe in the woods.

Everything you need for the class will be provided, but feel free to bring your camping gear along. We'll have time at the end of class and over breaks to go over it with you.

Gear Discussion Fire

Class Details

We’ll spend the day learning the basics of camping in general. The basics will cover things like fire making for cooking, warmth, or just to sit around. It will include water purification and collection so you don’t have to carry all you need with you. Next comes the ever important, food and cooking options. We’ll show you some manufactured backpacking food options along with some ideas you can do on your own, and how to cook them.

Our focus after getting the basics down, will be on the differences you’ll see between campground camping and backpacking or “wild” camping. There will also be lots of gear options on hand for you to checkout. This will give you a chance to see some of the things available out there, without shelling out your hard-earned money!

The last part of the day will focus on shelter options. We’ll have a variety of tents for you to look at along with a few other options you might not have thought of! Staying warm and dry is a top priority when camping in the back country. We'll also learn a few basic knots that will help you no matter what type of shelter you choose.

After class is over for the day there will even be time for you to get some help setting up your own tent. So, if you have a tent that you’ve never setup before or had trouble setting up, bring it along. We’ll be glad to help!

This class is also a great complement for our two-day, one night backpacking trip, the BushWacker Class.

Find out when the next class is scheduled and leave civilization behind on your next camping trip!