Ridge Runner Class Description

Ridge Runner: One Day Survival Class

What's the class about?

Are you a trail runner, a mountain biker, a hunter, or just someone that likes to head to the woods to relax? Then the Ridge Runner class is for you. Have you ever worried about what would happen if you didn’t make it out of the woods before dark, but not sure how to prepare? Then the Ridge Runner class is for you. You're "pretty sure" you'll be fine or have no idea if you'd be prepared to spend the night in the woods? Then the Ridge Runner class is for you.

You may not be as prepared as you think!

Class Origins

The Ridge Runner class came about from my own experiences and from watching people in the outdoors running, hiking, hunting, you name it. The class is designed around the fact that people headed to the woods don’t always want to carry a pack or a lot of gear with them. That doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for the unexpected. The Ridge Runner class kit is designed with weight and size in mind. It contains everything you need to make sure you see the sunrise after a surprise night in the woods.

Signal Fire

Group Instruction

Mylar Blanket Shelter

Student Batoning Wood

Signal Fire Smoke

Class Details

The main focuses of the class are fire, shelter, water and rescue, all using a kit that is lightweight and compact. The course is heavy on fire making and materials, which you’ll see plays a big part in guaranteeing your survival. We’ll cover natural and man-made fire starters, what fire lays work best, getting dry wood from wet, and different ignition devices... just to name a few.

Another important part of the class is knife work. We’ll cover knife safety, using your knife to process fire making materials and fashioning some tent stakes for your shelter.

As far as shelter goes, we’ll show you a custom designed way to build a shelter to give you cover and increase the effectiveness of your fire to keep you warm and dry. You’ll also learn a few knots that will come in handy for your shelter construction.

When we get to water, you’ll learn about different choices for water purification and ways to collect water to minimize contaminants.

After you’ve made it through the night, your next priority will be getting home. If you just went too far or took a wrong trail but still know the way home, that's great! What happens though if you are lost and need to wait for rescue? We’ll cover ways to help rescuers find you and get yourself noticed and increase your chances of being found.

Come join us for a day of fire, shelter, water and rescue. You won't be disappointed!

Want to see what we cover in class, Class Agenda and Kit

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