Ridge Runner Details

Class Agenda

  • Ridge Runner
  • The Kit Includes:

    ● Knife ● Emergency Shelter ● Multiple Fire Starters ● Water Purification ● Paracord ● Bottle ● Orange Cloth ● Whistle ● and More!*
    (total kit weight= 478g or 16.86 oz)

    All materials and equipment needed for the class are provided, except lunch.

    *take home kit is not included in class price, but kits will be available for purchase the day of the class!

  • Knife Safety
  • Discussion - Kit Contents
  • Fire Basics - Triangle of Fire, Fire Lays
  • Fire Materials and Collection - Man-made and Natural Tinder, Ignition Devices
  • Instructor Fire Making Demonstrations
  • Batoning - Using your Knife to Process Wood
  • Fuzz Sticks - Getting Dry Wood from Wet
  • Tent Stake Making
  • Knot Tying
  • Picking the Right Campsite
  • Shelter from Emergency Blankets
  • Water Collection and Purification
  • When To Stop and Stay
  • Getting Rescued - Help Yourself Get Rescued
  • Self-Aid (time permitting)