Family Day Class Description

Family Day

What's the class about?

Our favorite thing here at PA Wilderness Skills is getting kids outdoors and teaching them important outdoor skills!

This is your opportunity to bring a child to a "survival" class that is specifically designed for them!

They’ll learn about fire, shelter, camping/hiking gear, campfire cooking, and how to enjoy the outdoors! All in a safe and fun environment!*

There will be plenty of hands-on activities, so plan on getting some dirt time!

Don't worry parents, you're also included in the activities! This a great chance to bond with your young person!

Each kid will also get their very own survival kit to take home with them!

Lunch will NOT be provided, but during our cooking talk samples will be available ;)

Join us for an afternoon of outdoor skills training, family fun, and an all-around great time!

*A reasonable amount of physical fitness will be required.

| 1 Adult + 1 Child - $25 | 1 Adult + 2 Children - $35 | 2 Adults + 1 Child - $45 | 2 Adults + 2 Children - $50 |

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