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PAWSYO: What's It All About?

PA Wilderness Skills Youth Organization is for kids around the 10-15 years age range. Age isn't as important, though, as attitude when it comes to the group. I'm more focused on their desire to be in the outdoors and learn about survival, bushcraft, primitive skills and doing things in the outdoors. Club participation will require the kids be able to follow instruction and be observant of what's going on around them. Some of the activities will have inherit dangers. We'll be using knives, building fires, going on outings, etc. I'll be showing them how to do these things safely, but the kids need to be capable of doing the activities as directed.

Besides learning basic woodland survival skills like fire making, shelter building, and water collection, we'll also learn some primitive/pioneer skills like making cordage, carving spoons, and primitive fishing. I also want to take the kids on outings like hikes, campouts, kayak/canoe trips, and rappelling to name a few.

For now, our membership is limited to 10. I'm trying to keep it so that no one has to buy any equipment to be a part of the group. Some of the outings may have a cost associated with them, but the great thing about doing stuff in the outdoors is that most things are free! I'm hoping in the future to get a few companies to donate towards the purchase of more gear or maybe sponsor an outing or two.

I plan on meeting two times a month on Sunday afternoons to start. Our regular meetings and activities will take place in Clinton County, PA. I also plan on being at our site often during the week, so the kids can come by and practice what they've learned or get help with things they're having trouble with. I don't want to say they have to be at every meeting, but if they're not there, they're going to miss out on something we're doing that day. Club membership will, however, involve some mandatory activities and outings. Training sessions like knife and fire safety will be required prerequisites to many of our activities. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.

This group is not for everyone. I don't want to turn anyone off or discourage anyone from applying to the group; I just want to make sure you and your child know what we are about, have a genuine interest in being part of the group, and understand the responsibility necessary to be a member. I'm going to treat the members like adults, and, in return, I expect them to act like adults.

One of my hopes is, as we continue to grow, and as the kids get older, they will stay on and help instruct the younger kids and share their love of the outdoors.

All members and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign a waiver. View the member waiver here and the parent waiver here.

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