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The partial 2020 schedule of classes is up! I hope to add a few more soon!

Uitwaaien! Central PA's annual bushcraft gathering.

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The event webpage is updated with all the details, so far!
We'll be adding more info as soon as it comes in!

Upcoming events where you can find us

  • 4/25/20

    RidgeRunner Class
    Woolrich, PA

  • 5/9/20

    Women in the Wilds Event
    Presentation on backpacking/camping
    Black Moshannon State Park, PA

  • 6/13/20 - 6/14/20

    BushWacker Backpacking Class
    Central PA

  • 6/20/20

    PA Wilds Child
    Black Moshannon State Park, PA

  • 7/25/20

    Little Foot Trail Fest
    Mt Pisgah State Park, PA

  • 8/28/20-8/30/20

    Stone Tool Craftsman Show
    (Flint Knap In)
    Letchworth State Park, NY

  • 9/4/20-9/6/20

    Flint Ridge Knap-In
    Flint Ridge State Park, OH

  • 9/24/20 - 9/27/20

    Uitwaaien Bushcraft Gathering
    Hyner, PA

  • 10/19/19

    Fall Festival
    Parker Dam State Park, PA