PA Wilderness Skills

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2018 is going to be a busy year for us. We'll be traveling teaching for Escape the Woods Survival Challenge

Teaching some classes locally, and come September we'll be getting ready for..........

Uitwaaien! Central PA's annual bushcraft gathering.

2017's gathering was a great success! Make sure to 'Follow' the Uitwaaien Facebook page to keep up to date on 2018's event!

Check out the event webpage for all the details!

Thanks to the success of our 8 week program with the homeschool group, we are now able to offer it to other schools and organizations. If you are looking for something to get your kids excited about the outdoors, check out what we can offer. Youth Programs page

Upcoming events where you can find us

  • 12/9/2017

    Vendor @ the Santa Jump Jamboree
    Beech Creek, PA

  • 4/6/2018

    Escape the Woods
    Bethlehem, KY

  • 4/28/2018

    RidgeRunner Survival Class
    Woolrich, PA

  • 5/19/2018

    RidgeRunner Survival Class
    Woolrich, PA

  • 6/16/2018

    PA Wilds Child
    Black Moshannon State Park

  • 6/29/2018

    Escape the Woods
    Delaware, OH

  • 8/11/2018

    RidgeRunner Survival Class
    Woolrich, PA

  • 9/20/2018

    Uitwaaien Bushcraft Gathering
    Howard, PA